Sled on car

This snowmobile transportation arrangement turned some heads on the Northway in Queensbury the other day.

Paul Hollenbeck -- Facebook

When we get these type of snowmobiling conditions, you have to take advantage, even if you don't really have a way to get your sled to the trails.

Pictures that have been circulating around social media in recent days showed the owner of a Ford Focus who had an interesting way of taking his snowmobile north on Thursday.

He somehow got it atop a Ford Focus sedan, and strapped it on.

At first, I thought it had to be fake. But a number of people posted pix of it in the northbound lanes of the Northway in recent days, including a couple of people I know. (Thanks Paul Hollenbeck!)

If you know who this person was, I would love to talk to him about how he got it on and off of the car.

— Don Lehman



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