‘Tis the season to overindulge.

You’ve made it through Thanksgiving, and now it’s time for ugly sweater parties and Christmas festivities.

Between family gatherings, work festivities and friends' shindigs, sticking to your healthy routine can be a challenge. This is the month to drink like a fish and eat as if there’s no tomorrow.

But there is a tomorrow, and you might regret eating your own bodyweight in food as you get back into your gym routine. 

But these people worked out the day after Thanksgiving, regardless of their hangover or sluggishness.

And they forked over their guiltiest holiday pleasures as well as ways to stay on track:

Q: “What’s your holiday weakness and what's your advice to stay on track during the festive season?"

Victoria Oehler

Victoria Oehler, 22, of Warrensburg. 

A: “Sweets would be my biggest weakness ... specifically banana cream pie. I wish when I start to eat bad I could stop, but it's so hard. I currently do gluten-free and low sugar, so when I do have it, it’s natural. I don’t do dairy, always almond milk, so my diet is how I’ll get back on track.” — Victoria Oehler, 22, of Warrenburg

Tyler White

Tyler White, 23, of Fort Ann.

A: “Food, all food. And drinking. Those are my guilty pleasures. My advice is go to the gym no matter how bad you feel.” — Tyler White, 23, of Fort Ann

Jason Spector

Jason Spector, 43, of South Glens Falls.

A: “Overeating desserts ... we had amazing cheesecake last night. I tried to have some today but I was told no. The secret is commitment. Commitment is like taking a shower: you have to do it every day or else you’ll stink.” — Jason Spector, 43, of South Glens Falls

Kiersten Chambers

Kiersten Chambers, 22, of Queensbury. 

A: “It’s drinking around the holidays that does it for me. I said I wouldn’t drink until New Year's ... but there’s so much going on! My advice is remembering your goals. Once you get into a routine, it’s hard to fall out of it.” — Kiersten Chambers, 22, of Queensbury

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