My goodness, how the world has changed since 1986.

I was a young sports writer then (as opposed to being an old news writer now).

One of the big stories in southeastern Connecticut was about Randa Lago of Robert E. Fitch High School of Groton, who was the first girl in state history to compete in wrestling. Another part of the story was that Cory Riffer, who would go on to be an assistant coach and a good friend, was one of the best in the region and wrestled for Ledyard High School, which was one of the state’s best teams and a place I would go on to teach at.

Of course, I could not know that then, as I chronicled the story about Cory forfeiting the match, largely because his parents felt it would not be right for him to wrestle against a girl.

In 2013, Lago’s coach, Glen Graham, was one of the officials at Connecticut’s first girls’ state championship meet, and other states have added girls’ wrestling.

Which brings us to this story out of Texas, which shows just how times have changed and what we have to think about in the future. Do me one favor? Read the whole story before you comment. Thanks.

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