Pictured is the transgender pride flag. Teenage students need the freedom to define their own gender and sexuality in accordance with their deepest feelings about themselves.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from this week’s incident in South Glens Falls when two transgender students were kicked off a late bus.

1. No matter how committed a school district is to equality and protecting its students from bullying and homophobia, the lessons and training need to touch all employees and any others who work in the school. South Glens Falls takes this very seriously and this is not indicative of the district as a whole.

2. We should be beyond “Boys on the left, girls on the right” by now.

3. Students who are LGBT are clearly being taught to advocate for themselves.

4. On the other hand, swearing at an adult, or anyone else is never a good idea. Social change can be accomplished without it.

5. If you are going to read the comments on a story like this be prepared for some positive and a lot of negative, especially from people who just don’t get it.

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