It’s always good to do a little research before going out an assignment, so since the plan is to see John Halligan speak to students at Warrensburg Junior-Senior High School Wednesday, I took a look at his website, as well as a couple other places.

Halligan, who has spoken at local schools in the past, has been speaking out against bullying and for suicide prevention for 14 years, since his son, Ryan, died by suicide at age 13.

Trouble is, this is not just a history lesson.

Over the weekend, the Associated Press and other media carried the story of Rosalie Avila, 13, of Yucaipa, California, who died by suicide by hanging last week after being bullied.

That led to a story from the week before about 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis, from Aurora, Colorado, who also died by suicide by hanging after being bullied.

Which led to a story from a week before about a 15-year-old transgender student in Longueuil, Quebec, who was being bullied and later walked into the path of a train.

Credit to Warrensburg for recognizing a national issue and dealing with it through a speaker and an overall district program.

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