Republican congressional candidate Matt Doheny said in an interview on Saturday that he will discuss his ideas about Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security later in the campaign season.

Q: Paul Ryan, the vice presidential nominee -- where do you stand on his Medicare restructuring proposal?

A: “I’m on record as saying I would have been against the Ryan budget, for many reasons.

“But look, right now it’s clear as day when it comes to Medicare that my opponent is the only person in this race who voted to cut Medicare funding over the course of the life by over $700 billion. I understand that’s over time. But still that was his vote.”

(The figure Doheny referred to is actually a cut in the growth of Medicare spending over time, not a cut from the current spending level.)

“Look, I’m here to be very clear that I’m there to preserve, protect and make sure that Medicare is there for people of my age and younger. Look, my mom, my aunts and uncles and the whole nine yards are on Medicare and Social Security, for that matter. So these programs need to be made sure they are protected and preserved. ...

“And we’re going to talk about that in the future, too. So that’s not a necessary thing for today, but in the future.”

Q: You said that you are on record as being against his budget plan. What about the aspect of the budget plan in which the Medicare plan would be restructured so that you received a voucher, or a payment, or whatever word you wanted to use, to purchase a private plan?

A: “Leave it at this that we’re going to talk about this very issue as we go forward. It’s still mid-August. So we want to make sure that as the campaign unveils that we will clearly lay out those issues and we will talk about my issues, talk about where we need to go as a country.

“Let’s leave it for today is that I would have voted against the overall bill. But as we go forward we will talk about the specific programs, not just Medicare but also Medicaid and Social Security.” ...

Doheny, an investment fund manager from Watertown, is running against U.S. Rep. Bill Owens, D-Plattsburgh, and Green Party candidate Donald Hassig in the new 21st Congressional District.


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