spiny water flea

Spiny water fleas on a human finger

Courtesy of APIPP

Add Indian Lake to the list of local waters where the pest known as spiny water flea has been found.

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program announced Tuesday that a fisherman spotted some on his line while fishing the Hamilton County lake recently, and a boat steward on the lake confirmed what was found as spiny water flea.

The invasive crustacean, which is native to Europe and Asia, competes with other water life for food, including plankton, and can grow to a half-inch long or so. They also are not good, nutritional food for native fish.

The pest has also been found on Great Sacandaga Lake and Lake George. The biggest impact has been their clustering on fishing lines, but the long-term effects of their introduction to local waters are unknown.

APIPP reminded boaters to abide by state law requiring boats be cleaned, drained and dry when moving between waters.

-- Don Lehman



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