The state Department of Environmental Conservation issued a press release today detailing some recent rescues of lost hikers/walkers of interest that involved state forest rangers. Here are the details. (The  Stony Creek case is particularly interesting -- when calling for a rescue, it's best to know what mountain you're on.)

Warren County

Town of Bolton, Lake George Wild Forest

On Sunday, April 4, 2010, at approximately 8:40 PM, DEC Dispatch received a call from Warren County dispatch, reporting 2 overdue hikers on Tongue Mountain.  Andrew Moran, 32 of Greenfield Center, NY and Corey McClendon, 23, of Saratoga Springs, NY, reported that they see headlights passing on the road below, but did not know how to get down the mountain as they did not have flashlights. Four DEC Forest Rangers responded heading to a number of locations where Route 9N may be seen from the mountain. They eventually located the two men at 10:51 PM.  They were safely escorted out of the woods and to their vehicles.  Forest rangers remind hikers to always carry a map, compass and flashlight.

Town of Stony Creek, Wilcox Lake Wild Forest

On Saturday, April 10, 2010, at approximately 8:06 PM, DEC Dispatch received a call from Warren County dispatch reporting five hikers lost on Baldhead Mountain.  Katherine Chesebrouth, 20, Amanda Veleis, 23, Anne Leiss, 21, Jennifer Ling, 21, and Nathan Roser, 18, all of Syracuse, NY, had climbed to the summit of Baldhead Mountain during the day. However they started hiking back down the mountain using a bushwhack route and became lost. The group had no flashlight, food or water, and was not prepared to spend the night on the mountain.  DEC Dispatch instructed them to remain where they were, start a fire and wait for assistance. DEC Forest Rangers responded and began searching the large area around the mountain, but had no success locating the group during the night time operation.  The following morning search operations resumed with additional rangers and a State Police Helicopter.  At 8:10 AM a ranger noticed a small smoke column rising from the Kenyantown Creek drainage east of Burnt Mountain.  Two rangers already searching that drainage located the group at 8:25 AM and were out of the woods by 9:30 AM.  After the search the subjects were informed that they had climbed Burnt Mountain - not Baldhead Mountain.  Forest rangers remind hikers to plan trips ahead of time; use a map to compass to know where you are going and where you are; always carry food, water, and flashlight; and be prepared to spend a night in the woods.

Town of Chester, Private Lands

On Thursday, April 15, 2010, at approximately 12:09 AM, State Police contacted a DEC Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) and asked the assistance of him and his DEC canine unit in locating an elderly man near Chestertown. Bradley Tennyson, 97, of Chestertown, NY had been last seen by a Warren County Sheriff Deputy wandering along Route 9. The ECO requested that forest rangers be dispatched as well.  Four forest rangers, the ECO and his dog Gunner responded to the search. DEC forest rangers were able to locate the man’s tracks on the shoulder along Route 9 and followed them up an old logging road. However, the tracks entered a grassy and mossy area and could no longer be followed by sight. The ECO and Gunner took over from there and located Mr. Tennyson at approximately 3:45 AM. He was barely responsive when found and was not adequately dressed for the weather.  Mr. Tennyson was evacuated out of the woods and turned over to Chestertown EMS for transport to Glens Falls Hospital.

Washington County

Town of Fort Ann, Lake George Wild Forest

On Friday, April 9, 2010, at approximately 8:00 PM, DEC Raybrook Dispatch received a call from three hikers lost near Buck Mountain.  Sarah Watkins, 27, and William Watkins, 38, both of Glens Falls, NY had hiked with Katie Quintio, 20, of Indian Lake, NY, up the mountain from the Pike Brook Trail head.  While returning back down the mountain, they took a wrong turn and found themselves on the shore of Lake George with no idea how to return to their vehicle. DEC Forest Rangers responded and determined the group’s location based on the description they provided.  Rangers located the trio at 9:50 PM and gave them a ride back to their vehicle.  Forest Rangers remind hikers to always carry a map and compass and know how to use them.


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