I hadn't realized it until I read an article on NYup.com the other day, but the annual April 1 opening day of trout season falls on Easter Sunday this year.

That will make for some tough decisions for a lot of anglers, to choose conventional brick-and-mortar church (and family) or worship at the altar of our local trout streams.

I'm not sure how much of an issue it will be, but it is interesting that the two holidays haven't coincided in nearly 60 years.

How many people fish on the opening day of the season heavily depends on the weather. We have had trout openers when it is still winter and virtually no one fishes, but I remember one 20 years or so ago when the temperature was in the 80s.

Today is a warm, sunny day now, but a lot can change over the next couple of weeks.

(Reader Peter Sutherland reported seeing 6 large groups of geese heading north on Monday, let's hope they know something that we don't!)

David Figura's writeup addresses a lot of interesting issues about an Easter opener, you can find the link here.

-- Don Lehman