My wife and I were up around Ticonderoga on Sunday, and we decided to take Route 9N south to see what Lake George was looking like in that area.

There was lots of open water offshore of Hague, but it was iced over from Sabbath Day Point south to the Narrows, and there looked to be a lot of ice fishermen out there. Northwest Bay was also well frozen, but I didn't see anyone out there fishing.

There is plenty of ice around Huletts Landing, but off Pilot Knob the guys on said it remained open as of Monday. The ice is solid on the southern bays and off Million Dollar Beach, and the perch fishing has been pretty good, as two winters of little ice has allowed perch numbers to grow.

The weather forecast calls for warmer temperatures by the weekend, so it was unclear when the Hague waters or whether the deep middle section will freeze. Usually it's late January if it is going to go, and we are rapidly approaching that date.

-- Don Lehman