Big bass

Queensbury resident Jesse Cole caught this 7-pound largemouth on Glen Lake over the weekend.

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Queensbury resident Jesse Cole reached out with an interesting question on Monday: He caught a 7-pound largemouth on Glen Lake recently, and wondered whether it was a lake or regional record.

I don't know who keeps any official or unofficial records for Glen Lake, and I don't know if any readers know. I have heard rumors over the years of some largemouths around 8 pounds coming out of Lake George, but have never seen anything official there. He said anglers he had talked to had never heard of a bass that big coming from Glen Lake.

Record or no record, a 7-pound largemouth out of any local water is a once-in-a-lifetime fish. The state record largemouth is 11 pounds, 4 ounces, caught in Otsego County, but our colder climate doesn't allow largemouths to grow like the behemoths down south. So in my book, anything over 5 pounds is a beast.

Even more impressive, Cole landed it while fishing from a kayak. I have gotten into fishing from a kayak over the last couple of years, and it is far more difficult to land a fish from a kayak than standing on shore or in a bigger boat.

"Getting this into my kayak was a chore to say the least," Cole said.

Cole caught the 22.5-inch-long fish on a plastic jig in weeds on the south side of the lake. He weighed, measured and photographed it, then returned it to the lake.

"Good genetics for future fish," he said.

-- Don Lehman



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