I was tasked, among many things last night, to keep tabs on the three statewide propositions.

A couple quick observations as I wait for the final, well unofficial numbers from the state Board of Elections.

Locally, every county was opposed to Proposition 1, which declared a Constitutional Convention to be held. It was dead early on in the night and here are a look at the numbers: 

  • County Yes - No
  • Warren 2,511 - 13,060
  • Washington 1,398 - 9,093
  • Saratoga 7,251 - 44,689
  • Essex 1,284 - 7,538
  • Hamilton 239 - 1,987

Statewide the vote totals were 553,960 votes in favor to 2,745,899 opposed with 15,297 of 15,502 election districts reporting.

The last Constitutional Convention was held in 1967 and will appear on ballots again in 20 years. 

Prop 2, to have public officers forfeit pensions if convicted of crimes, was an easy sell for voters and local voters also agreed:

  • County Yes - No
  • Warren 13,449 - 2,047
  • Washington 8,694-1,707
  • Saratoga 43,865 - 7,642
  • Essex 6,782 - 2,028
  • Hamilton 1,728 - 494

Statewide the proposition passed easily by a vote tally of 2,353,590 to 877,154.

The last proposition on the ballot about the Adirondacks Forest Preserve land bank was the most contested of the night.

The proposition was successful, but was in doubt.

Our local counties backed the proposition by significant outcomes, but other counties were against the plan.

The New York City region counties voted against the proposition which included Suffolk, Nassau, Richmond, Bronx, Kings, Queens and Rockland; Wyoming County, near Buffalo, and Orleans County near Rochester, were other counties opposed to the proposition making nine total.

Here is a look at the local vote totals:

  • County Yes - No
  • Warren 10,818 - 4,536
  • Washington 6,653 - 3,609
  • Saratoga 32,715 - 17,966
  • Essex 6,041 - 2,725
  • Hamilton 1,656 - 550

Statewide the vote came in 1,643,194 in favor to 1,513,642 opposed. 

I was surprised to see such a close vote on Prop 3, but was more surprised by the number of non-voters on the propositions at all. 

Prop 1 was the most popular for voters, but 233,722 voters still ignored voting on it entirely. 

Prop 2 was second in total votes and blank ballots with 301,562. Prop 2 also had the most voided votes topping Prop 1 and 2 combined with 2,128 voids.

Prop 3 was left blank by 376,586 voters.

Were voters unaware of the props on the back of the ballot or preferred to not weigh in on them?

— Adam Colver

Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages The Post-Star's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and poststar.com. He can be reached at acolver@poststar.com.


Online editor/webmaster

Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages poststar.com, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

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