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Spectators take photos of hot-air balloons flying overhead on Thursday during the kickoff event of the Adirondack Balloon Festival at Crandall Park in Glens Falls.

Adam Colver acolver@poststar.com

Despite multiple postings and advisories to Adirondack Balloon Festival spectators many ignored the warnings bringing their dogs and drones in tow to the kickoff launch at Crandall Park.

As balloons started to inflate one alert crew member noticed a drone in the distance and immediately stopped until the drone was grounded.

"We won't fly with those things in the air," the crew member stated Thursday night.

As for the furry companions, spectators will not be so lucky if they show up with their pet at the airport, the site of Friday night's launch. 

It is just plain dangerous for the dog and people around you with the sea of humanity especially at Crandall Park. 

On Friday when you get ready for the launch do remember your camera, maybe some snacks, a good pair of waterproof footwear and patience for traffic.

Enjoy the balloons and remember to leave the dogs and drones at home.

— Adam Colver


Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages The Post-Star's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and poststar.com. He can be reached at acolver@poststar.com.


Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages poststar.com, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

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