Am I logged on to

I have been getting asked by subscribers and others more often since users are being asked to support by allowing ads.

New web browser advances are allowing users to hide advertising. While I agree pop-up ads can be annoying they do help pay the bills.

The biggest change will be noticed for casual visitors to and for subscribers who are not logging in to their digital accounts. 

Users will be posed the question to allow ads. If the answer is "no" an ad removal pass for a small fee is proposed.

The biggest issue I have seen so far are readers accessing the eedition via the morning email. Since the link brings you directly to the edition, users are being greeted with the ad question first thing with little choices to log in. 

If you are a subscriber, log in via the homepage or by accessing the menu bar, which is universal across all devices, and the question will go away. The question is only posed on articles and inside the daily eedition.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account, select remember your preferences on to remain logged in.

Step 1: If you have not done so, activate your digital subscription by visiting

Step 2: Log in to using the username/email and password you set up. You may log in one of three ways, visit, select the menu bar and click log in, or three by selecting the profile image next to the weather on the homepage bar.

Select remember my password to stay logged in.

If you forget your password, a courtesy password can be created by selecting "Forgot my password." This will send a prompt to the email address associated with your account.

Step 3: Enjoy unlimited views of articles, photo galleries and more on

Now the million dollar question, how do I know if I am logged in? 

1. Check the menu bar, if the blocks say sign up or log in, you are not logged in to your account. Select log in and follow the steps above.

2. Scroll over the avatar next to the weather icon on the top right of the homepage. If you have set up an image to display, you will see the image. A down arrow will also appear next to the image to grant you access to the user dashboard, your profile, access saved items and log out. If you are not logged in click the avatar and a drop down menu button will appear that says "Log In".

I hope this helps navigate a little easier in the future and look for more tips and tricks as they come down the road.

— Adam Colver

Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages The Post-Star's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and He can be reached at