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If you have something you need to throw away but may have some value to someone else,
don't put it in a landfill. Post it here.

Take My Stuff is for PostStar.com visitors to give away or take items that would otherwise be thrown away or live in the garage for the next twenty years.

The rules are simple, no money can change hands. Pick up-drop off arrangements are made between the parties, and decisions by the givers are final.

Help to reduce your waste. You can give away anything from old pianos to bikes to unwanted toys.

Please read the DISCLAIMER before continuing

Questions, Comments and corrections/changes may be sent to webmaster@poststar.com.

Here are the basic rules:

1. No money can change hands.

2. Pets/animals are not allowed to be exchanged.

3. You may say that you'll have items available after a certain time, but please do not advertise your garage sale here.

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Are you curious about what is out there? Take a look here, you may find something interesting.

Do you have something you may be willing to give away? Someone may already be looking for it.

Do you have an item you'd like to swap for something else? Here's the place to make swaps.

You will need to register here for free before posting items you are giving away or looking for. The registration is quick and easy, and it will provide a way to view and remove any of your current item offers and/or requests.

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Questions, Comments and corrections/changes may be sent to webmaster@poststar.com.